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Early in spring of 1883 a group of settlers held a meeting and agreed to purchase ground for a Catholic cemetery and organize St. Wenceslaus Parish.  Another meeting was held February 3, 1884 to build a church.

The first St. Wenceslaus Church was constructed of wood and was 40 feet by 24 feet.  The lumber was brought from Scribner and the church was completed the same year and consecrated on St. Wenceslaus Day, 1884 by Reverence Father Turek, SJ from Olean, who had charge of this new congregation.  It was debt-free when blessed.

When the railroad came through the territory in 1886, the Town of Dodge was platted 2-1/2 miles southwest of the church.  In 1889 the church was moved from Cuming County to the new town of Dodge, and Father Turek, S.J. had the first Mass the same year.

During the next administration, the enlarged congregation built a new church, 80 feet by 40 feet which was consecrated on November 12, 1893 and served the parish through 1953.  In 1894 the first parish house was built.

In 1937 a building fund for the new St. Wenceslaus Church was started.  In 1954 upon the approval of the merger of St. Joseph Parish plans were made to build the new St. Wenceslaus Church, on its existing location.  During the dismantling and construction which began on Feb 16, 1954 Masses were held at St. Josephs Church.

Archbishop Gerald T. Bergan dedicated the new brick St. Wenceslaus Church on June 27, 1956.  The church is laid out in a cruciform design, being 140 feet long, 80 feet wide in the wings and 46 feet wide in the nave.  All walls are finished in brick and the ceiling is in stained wood.  The seating capacity on the main floor is 600, with an additional 100 in the loft and a mother’s room.  The full basement auditorium is used by all the church organizations and parishioners.

Faith – Tradition –Dedication; St. Wenceslaus Celebrating 125 Years, 2008

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