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Parish Information

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Olean, NE
Sacred Heart Parish
731 E 2nd Street 
Dodge,  NE 68633 
(402) 693-2235

Fr. Matt Gutowski

Are you or anyone you know wanting to become Catholic &
join the Catholic Church?
Please contact the Parish Office for more information!
Sacred Heart Notes                                                                                                         

October Church Cleaning:  Lynn Harms, Ann Cerny

Thank You:  A note was received from Fr. Dan Kampschneider of St. Vincent De Paul Church of Omaha: On behalf of our Silver & Gold at St. Vincent de Paul, we wanted to thank you. The thirty-four people who came to visit the Sacred Heat of Jesus really enjoyed the church and being able to have Mass. Our parishioners who came to visit wanted to make a donation specifically to the Sacred Heat of Jesus Christ Church in Olean, NE. Those that attended came up with a collection for the church. We know it is not much but we hope it helps in any needs you have there at the church. May God bless your community. Peace & Blessings, Nicole Florez-Pastoral Minister A check for $383.00 was enclosed and has been deposited in the Olean expense account for maintenance. They were here August 19, the day after the registers were removed from the church.  

Thank You: A thank you and sincere appreciation for the volunteers that have helped with the maintenance projects during September. The trees were cut and the broken sidewalk north of the church were removed by Ron Ruskamp with his loader, Jim Ruskamp, Danny Kluthe, Adrian Kampschnieder and Rudy Novak, The sidewalk and propane tank pad forms were made by Jim, Danny and Rudy. The concrete was poured with the help of Jim, Danny, Rudy, Norbert Kreikemeier and Ray Harms. The forms were removed by Jim and Steve Liekhus. Steve also trimmed the hedges. Also, thank you to Ron Ruskamp for purchasing the fuel left in our barrel from the old furnace and removing the tank. Jim brought in the needed dirt to level the ground around the church and pad. We are blessed to have such faithful and dedicated stewards who help care for our parish. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. 
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St. Wenceslaus/Sacred Heart Mass Intentions                                                
Week:  October 16th, 2021 thru October 24th, 2021
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Monday, October 18th
4:30 pm Monday's with Mary Rosary
              St. Wenceslaus 

Wednesday, October 20th
4:15 - 5:30 pm PRE 1st-6th Grade
                  St. Wenceslaus Basement

Wednesday, October 27th
7:00 pm Confirmation/COYL
               St. Wenceslaus Basement

Wednesday, November 10th
1-6:00 pm  Project Linus
                  St. Wenceslaus Basement


Mass Intentions
Parishioners of SH, SW, SCM
Ken Meiergerd
Wanda Schumacher
Living & Deceased 
            Conrad & Mary Eikmeier
Bob Sellhorst

Approx Live Streaming Time
5:00 pm
8:00 am
8:15 am
5:00 pm

8:00 am
Sacred Heart
St. Wenc
St. Wenc
Sacred Heart

St. Wenc