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St. Wenceslaus
Dodge, NE

731 E 2nd St . Dodge NE, 68633 . (402) 693-2235
St. Wenceslaus Parish Fun Fest & Roast Beef Dinner

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St. Wenceslaus

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St. Wenceslaus Parish
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Congratulations and Thank You!!

We would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all those who participated in the 2019 Fun Fest.

Thank you to all those who where in charge of all the different committees, those who served on the committees, those who donated either items, cash or time to the Fun Fest. Also, thank you to everyone who attended the Fun Fest, who ate at the wonderful meal, came up to play Bingo or kids games or who attended & purchased from the auction. With everyone working together….our Fun Fest was a very enjoyable & successful day!!!! 

Save the Date:  Fun Fest 2020
Sunday, February 23rd
How to Donate:  If you are interested in making a donation to any of the Fun Fest  activities please drop off the item or contact the school 402.693.2819 or

First Catholic Slovak
      Ladies Association