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St. Wenceslaus School
Dodge, NE
School Information

-Phonics- Students work to develop and master their phonics skills in order to become skilled spellers and readers. 

Reading- Our reading program is designed to meet students at their individual reading levels. We have reading centers, where the students are able to work on reading skills in a group and one-to-one setting.

Math- We use the Saxon Math program, this program works to provide a constant inclusive of math skills throughout the year. Some of those skills include critical thinking, problem solving, and mastery of math facts.  We also have math centers, these centers work to further develop individual math skills.

Science-Students will engage in physical, earth, and chemical sciences throughout the school year.

Art-Once a week, students will work on an art project. These art projects will be inspired by a taught artist and/or seasonal creations.

Computer skills- In the classroom, we have one to one Ipads. Students will learn to use their Ipad on a daily basis, and they will be introduced to the use of a Chromebook.

Flashlight Friday- On Fridays, we enjoy 15 minutes of reading time, while using our flashlight! This helps  engage the students in reading and encourages them to sit alone with a book.

Morning Math Calendar- Every morning to start the day, students meet at the carpet for a daily calendar session.  

Classroom Helpers- Each week students are assigned a helper job.  These jobs help give students a responsibility and understanding of being a part of a community.

Monthly Newsletter- Every month, parents/guardians will receive a newsletter. This newsletter will provide parents with information about the classroom and school events.

Second Grade Only: First Reconciliation and First Communion-students receive weekly lessons on these two sacraments to help them prepare for receiving them in February and May.